Checking suction inside table saw

Caveat - I don’t use the table saw much, so it’s very likely all is normal. But…

I noticed a lot of chips/dust inside the cabinet under the table saw. Both inside the case on the ground, and inside the door. I cleaned it out.

Could someone with knowledge of the dust collection system give it a look to make sure that’s all working as it should?

It has been doing that lately.
The blast gate was not cycling on Saturday. Behind the saw, right where the 6 inch hose attaches, there is a yellow electric blast gate. Pull the power cable out. Wait 15 seconds and plug it back it. Also check the door on the housing around the blade. If it is not closed, that can cause the build up.

Several times, it has happened that the blast gate’s rocker switch is in the wrong position, I presumed from being bumped but I don’t know.

It’s a black rubber rocker switch, it must be in the middle position, “AUTO”. The side positions are OFF and ON.

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The simple fact that the table saw isnt sealed completely, not to mention the door doesn’t close is the main cause of chips/dust flying everywhere and gathering inside the cabinet. It’s difficult for suction to work in an open area.