Changes coming to Fusion 360

Many changes coming, including no more DXF or STEP export.

Good news as a FreeCAD dev!

Wow, those changes seem pretty extreme. Unless I’m misunderstanding, you cant even have an assembly that references more than 10 component files. And no more simulation or generative design features…

It does seem like you can still save individual sketches as DXF, however.

they did release news that they brought STEP conversions back to the personal license.

the 10 part limit is on external components if i understand correctly. basically anything that will be a single item in a folder. you could likely do a top down design of one “file” that is then made of 10+ components and have it only count as one file. i have not tried this, YMMV.

the other major bummer from this is the disculsion of rapids in 2D cam.

however this is definitely prompting me to look closely at FreeCAD. it’ll be interesting to see the developments generated from all of this new interest.