Can you help advise a local non-profit dojo on COVID safety?

I’m posting this on behalf of a good friend of mine, Laura, who helps run Sun Dragon Martial Arts, a non-profit karate dojo in Austin that focuses on teaching self-defense and empowering the community to reduce violence.

They have taught classes virtually this year, but are looking for ways to re-open safely. With that in mind, they are looking for advice on air flow and circulation such that they might be able to minimize risk of contagion. I figured that the ASMBLY community might include some of that expertise… or know where to find it.

The dojo has a modest budget, but wants to be a responsible community member. So especially interested in pro bono advice and/or inexpensive ways to decrease risks. There are no “perfect” solutions; they are trying to make the most informed decisions that they can.

Laura has provided an overhead sketch of the dojo space and an initial set of questions, below:

  1. What size fan would we need at the back door to make a sufficient air flow to maximize evacuation of contagious particulates and minimize collection in the space?

  2. If the ceiling fans are off, would a fan at the door and a smaller fan on the floor in the corner be enough?

  3. Should the instructor be somewhere else than where they are currently located to be safest?

Thank you! Any opinions we get will help the conversation and decision process.

Feel free to discuss here, but the most direct way to help would be to reach out to Laura at this email address:

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Here is some fun research about ventilation and re-opening schools which honestly I wouldn’t have looked at normally but it has dope animations of different situations and room setups.

Hopefully some of it’s information is useful to their situation

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Another article on ventilation. I remember when this one came out. It was a gym that installed garage doors. They even had COVID exposure from a trainer who was sick, but no one got sick.

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Thanks, @cfstaley and @kingkeyan! I’ve passed those articles along to Laura. If anyone else can chime in, by all means please do.