Can I reschedule a class?

I am supposed to be in part two of the CNC class tonight but I have tested positive for COVID and need to isolate. Can I reschedule part two or participate remotely? I emailed Danny Miller earlier but haven’t heard back yet.

Hi Michael,

You can absolutely reschedule to a different CNC class, part of the training is computer based but the second half is in person with the machine so rescheduling is the best option. We really appreciate when any member is up front about testing positive and isolating. Looks like our next class is on 4/9-10, but take a look at the class schedule on the website and let me know which upcoming CNC class works best for you, email us at and we will get you rescheduled. Also, if you have situations like this (hopefully not exactly this of course) and need to reschedule a class feel free to email us at the membership email as well. We try to respond to those emails as soon as we can and might get you rescheduled a little quicker, etc. Hope you feel better soon! ~Lisa

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