Call for Mentors for a robotics team

I’m a mentor for the ausTIN CANs robotics team at Anderson High School. We are looking for mentors to help guide the students to success on the competition field and in life. The ausTIN Cans umbrella has 2 teams under the name.

We have VEX Robotics which has students building a robot from a kit. The teams are generally smaller and have kids who cross-train in learning how to build, cad, programming, physics, and competing.

We also have FRC (First Robotics Championship) Robotics. It is a larger team format with several sub teams. We have a business team that sustains the team from year to year. It also does community outreach, photography, videography, media editing, and public speaking.

Our CAD team uses Onshape to design the parts for the robot. They also participate in prototyping, cad, and design reviews

Our Manufacturing team learns how to make parts on a lathe, vertical mill, 3D printing, cnc router, and vertical mill cnc. They also work with wood to make the game field.

Our programming learns programming. They make the robot move in predictable ways. They also program the autonomous routine that happens at the beginning of every match.

We are in need of mentors on the FRC side. We welcome the amount of time that you are able to give. We are in need of a programming mentor, business, and cad mentor. We also welcome any skill sets that you possess. The kids are curious and need a guiding hand to help them navigate the current year and their futures.

Here is more information and the signup. Anderson Robotics

Let me know if you have any questions? Thank you for reading.