Buck Converter Repair Video

so @jamesfreeman asked me to repair a buck converter for him. I told him I’d make a video about it. But rather than just share it with him I thought I’d share with everyone. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe not.


In this video, I give a brief introduction, desolder the caps (the footage of the mosfet desoldering was lost, sadly), solder new parts on, test it, and find that while the mosfet was bad and needed replacement, well… there will be a part 2. I already have some parts on order, because, well, they’re cheap and I think I’ll be needing them.

Feel free, of course, to pass if not interested. Just thought I’d share, as it’s either DM him with it or share it with everyone. I will say this is the video I’ve spent the most time filming and editing since I started YouTubing.

I’ll be making a similar video about a Tektronix TDS460A oscilloscope - I’m recapping its power supply, and there’s probably something else wrong with it too.

Enjoy, or don’t!

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