Breakers keep tripping in woodshop

FYI, the breakers in the woodshop have been tripping yesterday and today. Yesterday the table saw, router/planer, and sanding station tripped. Today the router/planer and sanding station tripped. Seemed like a lot in a short period of time so thought I’d post.

Thank for letting us know. Hmm the sanding station makes sense. The others breakers tripping doesn’t make sense. We will start looking at the breakers. Maybe they need to be replaced

Sounds like Austin Energy lost a phase out of the 3 phase to the building. Or, our service entrance is damaged.

The table saw is a 3 phase 208V motor. With a phase missing, it won’t start just sit there stalled, and the high current will pop the breaker. Single phase 208v can be the same scenario.

In which case you would also observe some of our outlets and/or lights don’t work.

EDIT: Austin Energy just had to shut down I35 at Rundberg because of downed lines (probably a truck hit them). So, that adds up for tonight, but not yesterday

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