Big Laser Classes now available!

Heads up! I just posted some Big Laser Classes for December. This is the class you’ll need to take to get trained to use our beastly new Tarkin laser! There are only 3 spots available in each session, so grab your spot quickly! We’ll be posting about it on social media this weekend, so spots are likely to go quickly. Sign into your member portal here to sign up!

This class is much more in-depth than our laser classes have been in the past hence the 4 hr length and higher price. It also clears you to use all Ruida/Lightburn controlled lasers at Asmbly which there will be more of in the near future. Eventually, we’ll have all our lasers converted to Ruida controllers so that only one laser class is needed to get trained on all the lasers at once.


I wasn’t keeping up with things when current laser user classes were happening. Is it too late to take one of the free large laser classes for current users?

Hey Tommy! Check your email. I sent you the info on 11/21. Reply to that email to coordinate with me further.

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