Big CNC VCarve box locked`

Someone shut down the Machine with VCarve next to the big CNC and now it requires the admin password to login.

Its always required a password. It the same password the linux computer used.

And shutting it down when you’re done is standard procedure.

As an aside, does the way the way the password was described remind anyone else of the 80’s song “The Warrior”? I think of that every time I type it in.

I must have missed that during training the other night. Then again, it was difficult to hear with the big dust collector going and folks working around us. I’ll have to get it from Danny next time I see him.

Should be a handout in the comouter station drawers.

It should not be locked, it’s a public access machine. We should just remove the password except for admin use


I already removed the password from the LinuxCNC machine. A class isn’t required to use the VCarve PC machine at all. We’re not doing access control with passwords anyways

Except, it was, and I was unable to work on it last night. But, that’s been resolved and it won’t interfere with my jobs moving forewarned.

Also, the two PC machines in the lounge were not usable. The one with the updated software is using the client edition and the other one was an older version and not connected to the network to verify the license. I was unable to produce the G code files there, either.

The only computer in the space with the full license is the one on the cart (right side i think?) next to the CNC itself. While that computer used to be in the lounge, it was relocated a while back. So the lounge computers are useful for design work, but you will always have to take your files to the CNC to generate your gcode.

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There are two machines with VCarve Makerspace master edition on it. One is in the shop by the CNC, the other is in the lounge/3d printing room

Also, there shouldn’t be any PCs in the space not connected to the network. We checked all of those out and fixed some dodgy wiring shortly before the anniversary party. Which one was offline?

The one on the far right.

@dannym, my understanding regarding computers with Vcarve licenses is what @stepho described. The one with a license that was previously in the multipurpose room was moved to the shop area and is now near the CNC. @JoeN or @jamesfreeman can you confirm?

I know we used to have 2 licensed comouters at the space. With the changes in the multi purpose computers, I’m not sure of that now. I can check this week.

The lounge computer, far left computer, has the Makerspace Edition of VCarve installed on it now. It should function the same as the computer next to the CNC machine.

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Awesome, thank you.