Beeping in the electronics lab

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I presume that the beeping in the electronics lab is a dead UPS. I haven’t checked too hard because I’m new enough that I don’t want to accidentally upset something that people need.

So, my question is: what are the computers in the server rack in the electronics lab doing and why are they so important that they need a UPS?


One of them is the recorder for the (older) security cameras. The server for the keyfobs might also be in that rack, but I’m not sure. There are likely some others that can get tossed, but we’d need to be very careful about that right now (sourdough IT systems can be a pain that way)

I have some UPSs I can contribute if we need more than we have working.

That’s why I was asking. Even rebooting an old server can cause the disks to fail due to stiction.

I guess the first order of business is finding the installation media and manuals for the security system and the keyfob system?

an optimist! I like it :slight_smile:

The security system is I believe a standalone appliance. We should be able to Google it.

The keyfob system is homebrewed. We’ll have to lean on @elrod for details.

So, the beeping is exactly because the security camera DVR has a bad hard drive and it’s warning you to check it out. Not sure what else is on that rack.
Security grade “Purple” HDDs run like $60 - 1TB, $75 - 2TB.

Given the outdatedness of the system I’d recommend replacing the DVR OR shutting it off altogether. Of course, only shutting it off IF the new cameras are doing their job and working as intended.

Replace - prices from the supplier I order from (yes, possible to find cheaper and my equipment is high quality/high resolution so may be overkill if NOT also replacing the cameras), just to give an idea:
8 channel DVR, $300 + hdd
16 channel, $400 + hdd
(I forget how many cameras are connected, but I know it’s at least 4!)
Spoke with Eric once some months ago and seems it was never able to remote access. This is the only reason I’d say to replace, for necessary parties to be able to check out the cameras on an app or remote computer.
But then again, I didn’t really do much digging and it’s possible the current DVR has the capability but just never set up.

Then again THEN AGAIN, there’s also the question of the cameras themselves. I’m sure some are down but all are old school. If the resolution is satisfactory then great! If y’all need super HD, then we talking more monies.

I’d be happy to come in for an hour or 2 and test things out with the camera system and see exactly what’s wrong and give a more precise estimate of cost to fix (sans labor), but if the new cameras are doing their job then I don’t need to bother with it and turning it off is a click away!

Source: own a security camera company.
“Hey Keyan, do you have a shameless plug for us??”
Why yes I do!

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Thanks for investigating this @kingkeyan! Really appreciate you sharing your expertise on this and offering up your services to assist.

Some of the more recent cameras we’ve added are cloud-based ones that @EricP has installed. I wonder if this is further indication we should move more in that direction. @EricP, you have any thoughts on this?