Bambu is hiring: Technical Support Engineer

Bambulab USA Inc is a revolutionary startup from late 2020 that designs and manufactures cutting-edge desktop 3D printers. Our newest flagship product is the X1 series of printers, including the X1 and the X1 Carbon, alongside our Automated Material System (AMS). This game-changing first-generation machine includes technology such as lidar, machine learning, and mobile integration and has some of the highest print speeds available in consumer-level 3D printers. We are determined to become one of the biggest names in 3D printing in the near future. Please visit our official website for more information.

Bambulab USA Inc has a headquarters in Austin, TX. Our team will provide all customer support to the US market. We are looking for self-motivated individuals to expand our team. Our ideal candidate should have a passion for 3D printing and will be well versed in 3D printing technology and terminology to provide excellent service to our customers.


  1. You will work remotely to play a customer support role in client support and will be responsible for responding to 3D printing technical-related customer queries.

  2. You will proactively support customers via the Bambulab CRM chat system to resolve issues and coordinate technical solutions.

  3. You will be responsible for collecting/submitting summary documents of your customer support work.

  4. You will support other strategic initiatives as needed, such as social media posting, social group management, etc.

  5. Available working hours may vary depending on need, and may be either during or outside of normal business hours. Pay rates will be evaluated (Starting from $30/hour) based on performance and working hours with initial pay based on qualifications. The contract will be through 1099-based payroll for all US support members.


  1. Professional or recreational 3D printing-related experience is a MUST!

  2. Already backed at least one printer from the Kickstarter

  3. Successful candidates will possess solid problem-solving and communication skills, hands-on experience or workshop experience is highly preferred.

  4. Can have a minimum 4 hours/day working for Bambulab problem-solving work

  5. Candidates must pass a 3D printing qualification test interview and undergo some professional training before working with customers.

If you want to apply for the job, please send your resume and a short self-introduction related to 3D printing to:

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