Autobay was temporarily obstructed


The autobay is partially obstructed this afternoon (boo) by the new jointer (yay!). We need to move some equipment around to get the jointer into the woodshop or a better storage area until we can get it set up.

I’ll be by to work on that some more tonight or tomorrow night. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Unacceptable!!! Just kidding it looks awesome

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Yay new tools!

The auto bay is no longer obstructed.

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I, for one, welcome our new Laguna overlords and can’t wait to feed them some raw material!

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Thank you, @jamesfreeman & @bryanw!! That was some literally heavy lifting.


Last week or the week before the Auto Bay entrance was blocked by a big blue dumpster and there was lots of stuff in that area - perhaps from construction in the space.

What’s the current Auto Bay status? I need to come in and change my oil, etc.

Still obstructed by the scaffolding that used to make up the bankers box area, they are off to the sides but it would be a squeeze for things larger than a compact IIRC

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Still wanting to use auto bay

Scaffolding is in the way.

Can anyone help me move those green supports to the other side so you can get a car in there?

OK, so I’ve got a triple-decker goodnews/badnews sandwich for the week.

good news: all the scaffolding is gone, even the old stuff that was stood up in the corner. The autobay hasn’t felt this big in years!
bad news: it’s obstructed by something else now
good news: the new dust collector came in!
bad news: the laser didn’t :frowning:
good news: laser delivery is re-scheduled for tomorrow.
bad news: that’s going to really fill up the autobay.

We’ve got a bit of a pile-up going on. We should be able to Dorian un-crated and rolled into the laser room by Wednesday night, but getting the dust collector moved is going to take a little more finagling and might not be until this weekend. If that’s the case, we should be able to get the crate moved over far enough that the autobay can fit a vehicle.




@stepho :rofl: your response is perfect!

Also note that this is big expensive new equipment. Please no one take it upon yourself to attempt to move or unpack these items without coordinating directly with @Jon @jamesfreeman or @cfstaley. Don’t want to see equipment or persons harmed here!