Austin Scientific Instrumentation Company Downsizing Auction

Hello all,

My former employer is downsizing. They specialized in servicing Transmission Electron Microscopes, as well as other things. Lots and lots of cool stuff going up for auction.


6 Transmission Electron Microscopes
Several lots of SEM and TEM parts
Various TEM add on instruments
Misc vacuum hardware and pumps
Diagnostic equipment
Various power supplies and high tension tanks

Currently 101 lots

More to come, such as
Misc integrated circuits
Misc stainless hardware
More electromechanical and pneumatic
Scrap Metal, 6061, 7000, 304, 316, brass, bronze
Assorted ISO o-rings
Hardinge Tool Room Lathe
Bridge Port Mill

I posted recently about EM 420 that is up for auction on IG and Twitter. My pinned tweet has a post from Scientific Instrumentation Services that has a auction link, since I can’t post links here.

Twitter @scientist84
SIS: @scientificinst2

There are very good service manuals for these older instruments too, and they will be scanned into PDF and available. I mean, these things were very detailed, even going into theory.
Good luck!


Butch Dowdy
Former TEM FSE among many other things.

Alternate method. Google slapsale then under auctions look for Electron Microscope and Related


lol, wish i had the space for such where i live.