Austin free tree, free wood program

Cut/Reclaimed wood from the CIty of Austin:

And this free-tree program runs in Austin via Treefolks Oct-March!


Hi People

I’ve dug a little deeper into this and this is a Treefolks program and not affiliated with the City. It USED TO BE on Stratford Lane over by Zilker Park but it relocated late 2019 over in East Austin at a City Park. Since Covid I don’t think it is active but that is speculation on my part. Please contact TREEFOLKS and not the City of Austin about this if you are interested.


Thanks, David – I was confused by your response, but then I saw that the info I’d relied on in past years has changed quite a bit! Thanks so much for diving into it and getting the scoop.

CoA had scheduled reclaimed wood giveaway events for January and February, at John Trevino Jr. Metro Park, a recurring series of events which it looks like are now cancelled d/t Covid – I’ve put in an email to the organizer, will update when I have more information.

Treefolks do giveaways of live trees, yes, that’s always been the case as far as I know – It looks like the city’s live tree giveaway has changed into a city program to plant trees in all neighborhoods and not just some – and the city continues to point people toward Treefolks. (Also in doing some more reading this morning, request a 2-year commitment that you’ll take care of your tree.)

Thanks so much for helping to get up-to-date information out there! I’ll update when I hear back from the city.

Quick update to this: Spoke with Jesse, from the City, as of 08/2020 he says in-person events are on hold, so he’s waiting/wishing to get clearance to schedule another tree giveaway.

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