Anyone interested in vintage test equipment?

I got my hands on a KIN TEL 204A electronic galvanometer / micro-volt meter, which I believe dates from the late 1950’s. It needs a lot of TLC, or perhaps it could be used as a component donor.

Let me know if interested.


Mark, I am very interested in vintage test equipment. I would hate to see something like this junked, but it looks like it could be a difficult project. I do not see any readily available manuals or schematic diagrams with an internet search, and it looks like it was probably not a common piece of equipment.

Anybody know anything about that manufacturer? They seem to be a ghost.

I’ve had good luck getting manuals for vintage equipment from extant manufacturers by just calling up and asking nicely, but for this guy I can’t find any place to start.

I found this page which has a description of the manual we would need:’e16’1/315/

Kin Tel (COHU) 204A Electronic Galvanometer Operating-Maint. Instruction Manual

Kin Tel(COHU) 204A Electronic Galvanometer Operating-Maintenance Instruction Manual w/schematics Manuals in good used condition. 14 day right of return. General description: Kin Tel(COHU) 204A Electronic Galvanometer Operating-Maint. Instruction Manual-60904/M137G

It seems that Kin Tel would have been owned by Cohu, which appears to be a large international company that is still in business, although their current products are very different 60 years later.

Jon, my experience trying to get manuals for vintage equipment from the original manufacturers has not been so positive. Would you want to try to contact them?

Since I noticed this thing was manufactured in San Diego, I thought I might throw a suggestion.

Murphy’s Surplus tends to be my “go to” for this kind of very old electronic gear in San Diego:

They might have a suggestion, and may even have another unit.