Any issues with power outage

Does anyone know of the power is out at the shop?

It looks like there might not be power at the shop.

We’re in the center of a red block on this map if you do a search for our address, 9701 Dessau Rd #304, Austin, TX 78754

Here’s hoping the aquaponics system doesn’t have any issues.

The fish probabaly won’t have any problem, but the plants may not make it.

@Tookys Here’s hoping. :crossed_fingers:

I do keep forgetting to mention that the recent plant changes look very nice!

Can anyone that has been to the shop verify this? I don’t trust Austin energy in the slightest since they are supposed to be conducting rolling blackouts but my power has been off since 2 am so I must be missing the rolling part.

@Tookys are you able to monitor most of it from home or do you need someone to check on it? I’m planning on going by the shop tomorrow but I only live 5 min away and can go check on the fish today if needed.

I have a way of monitoring, but it’s not connecting, so either the powers out, or the internet or both.

Ok. What happens to the fish tank if the power is out for a day or two?

Update: power on site is still out and the roads are getting worse.

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The power is out. I went by today

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