Announcing our new Director of Development!

I’m super excited to announce yet another volunteer director appointment of another great member who has been an essential contributor to Asmbly’s growth!

Randall Ward

3D printing enthusiast and prolific Fundraising Champion for I Live Here I Give Here, Randall is officially taking on the Director of Development role at Asmbly. Randall has been a pillar in the community from the moment he joined and has always been watching out for opportunities to share the word about Asmbly with other communities. There are a lot of things that fall under the Director of Development umbrella, but the main thing Randall will be focused on to start is sponsorships. He’s already been working hard reaching out to various companies to cultivate relationships, which is an important part of Asmbly acquiring new tools and equipment at the best value possible.

We’re in an exciting place in Asmbly history and super excited to have Randall’s enthusiasm taking us to the next level! Be sure to watch out for exciting news from @Devmani as he continues working on setting us up with awesome sponsorships!

Please join me in welcoming and congratulating Randall on his appointment to Director of Development!!! :clap: :clap: :tada: :awesome:


Thanks so much!

As Valerie said my umbrella is pretty big but my personal goal is to improve our visibility to Austin and help grow our membership. A great way to do both is to try and get the best tools for our space. I can’t promise that it will happen quickly but I’ll make every effort to get us the best prices or the best price (Free-ninety-nine). In the coming weeks I’ll be asking in each space team for companies I should be looking at contacting for sponsorships or grants.

My short term is getting our new Prusa MK3 printers up and running, finishing the curriculum and starting the instruction of the new Intro to 3d printing class. We definitely need more stewards in the 3D printing area in the near future so if that’s something that interests you please reach out to @cfstaley

Other than that, I look forward to working with you all and making such a great space even greater and as I say to myself “Make your Dreams!”


Very exciting news!

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