Amazon ABS Filament Not Working

I got some Amazon white ABS filament to use on the polyprinter. My first couple of prints came out fine, but recently every print I try to do jambs immediately. When I load the filament it extrudes just fine at 260 degrees, but as soon as I press print it jambs. It makes one initial extrusion in the bottom left corner of the bed and then nothing else comes out. If I reverse the filament out and reinsert it, it starts extruding again, but as soon as I try to print it jambs again. Does anyone know what this issue is? Do I just need to give up on Amazon and spend the $50 for the polyprinter filament?

I think it might just be the white filament from amazon or their quality control has gone down because of the increased demand from COVID.

I would try another color or different supplier.( Hatchbox/IC3D I’ve had pretty good success with)

Obviously for the most NO-BS experience Poly-printer filament is the way to go. @westleyjosiah

I have had good experince with hatchbox on amazon.

But I prefer pushplastic for the bulk spools for home and work. I use a 10kg spool on my printer at home, and a 25kg spool on my printer at work

@mistertwo @isospin