Allied Plastics

I want to help the ATXHS members and Allied Plastics. They are our neighbors and deal in plastics. The two people you deal with is Lance Mawla (Salesman) and Donnie Putnam (Manager). Mike no longer works there. Do a little bit of research beforehand to help Lance help you. Here is a Guide to help you choose. Lance is knowledgeable about plastic choices. He is also on commission. If you still don’t know what you should get check with Donnie. I have included their emails below. They are pretty responsive over email.

If you do research or communicate with Donnie and get the info on the type of drop you would need. Allied is more amenable to letting you come. They have their own covid rules to follow.

Hopefully this helps your transaction go more smoothly. Donnie wanted me to to let everyone know he doesn’t anyone to have a bad transaction.


That is sooooo helpful. Thank you Joe!