All the clamps are demolished

We have like three functional clamps for the lasers and a mass of magnets as someone is lasering through the clamps or the screws are falling out.

I’m happy to help construct new ones as I’ll have a decent amount of laser time booked in the coming weeks and can assemble while I sit here. Is the current design desireable?

Does someone have some extra screws? I don’t have them of this size on hand. I can make the file but if someone already has it thatd be nice as well

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@dannym we just purchased some of those bar magnets for clamps a month or so ago to make more of these. Can you work with @njinuity to help get the file and instructions to him. The magnets are somewhere in the laser supply cabinet last I saw. I can always order more as well. I think we should have a supply of at least 10 of them on both Tarkin and Dorian.