Air filtration unit

Ran across this unit on Facebook marketplace. Thought it might be of some interest to the group.

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@EricP seems like this could help with the free floating dust, I know you are working on a hepa filter too.

Those are ok for lighter operations in much smaller areas. But the shop’s volume is far beyond what its CFM is designed for, it’s just a noise machine.

The other part of the equation is ultimate filter capacity, not just the CFM. That is, the filter is quite expensive, but in the end can only remove about a cubic inch of dust here before they’re used up. Which is consistent with cleaning about a 20’x20’ low ceiling room with light tool use that they’re designed for.

The AC units have very high capacity filters, and push 8000 CFM. They are the obvious choice if you are trying to scrub the air with filters, you can just run the blowers without the AC or heat. The filters are extremely cheap and effective, fairly quiet, it’s not new equipment and doesn’t require additional panel capacity. But we do need to change the filters regularly. The long-standing need has been to build filter cabinets on the inlets to add more filter media area.

@dannym Thanks for the detailed response, I think that makes sense, glad you are familiar with the equipment already.