Additional hold downs are available for IQ CNC (small cnc)

I left additional material hold downs at the IQ for all to use. There are several different kinds so you can pick the one best suited for your project. I need to get more t track bolts and knobs for some of these but you can use some from the other clamps in the meantime.

This one is super customizable for when material is a wierd size between the t track trails. You can get the corner of your piece into any of the little half circles to secure it.

These two L brackets are square on the inside. You’ll still need to manually square them against the gantry. The fillet in the corner is intended to help you set XY with a 1/4 inch. You can lower the bit into that space to align it perfectly to the corner datum of the material once it’s against the inside corner.

This is helpful when you have a wierd shaped piece of wood, or when you need to pause a program and come back later to finish it. You can find your XY quickly.

The circles provide vertical force if you need that.

These will help you get better pressure against the material as you tighten the hold down. Pulling the handle up will increase pressure against the material.


I’m about to make some of those cam style ones for the mft table, beat me to it lol

These are great @Mollie. Thanks for making these and having them available. The cam lock style is quite impressive.

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