Adding air assist routing to Pearl

This is a bit tricky, as the OEM system needs to be changed from the unique “spiral hose” design, that stuff isn’t available and was not the best idea. Otherwise, the axis design is really great.

There is dual silicone tubing for this, and drag chain. There’s several things needed:
The black metal channel on the far side of the gantry in the pic will be removed. There are hex-button-head screws here that strip and it’s a special procedure to remove safety.
There will be a metal shelf to hold the drag chain. We will not drill any new holes in the gantry, there are existing 4-40 holes from the channel. I was considering just inverting the existing black channel, that might work. Also, drag chain can be self-supporting and it’s possible to just use a shorter bracket to hold the end of the drag chain and let it extend and support itself. Mixed feelings about that but it might be best.

The air assist has 2 nipples on bottom, but the drag chain is on the far side of the gantry and needs to be physically dragged from the top of the carriage. So something needs to hang off the top of the carriage with a short arm ending in a hardpoint to both drag the end of the chain, and route the hoses over the top and down the right side of the carriage.
There is a 4-40 screw hole on top of the carriage. We will not drill any new holes in the carriage. We might use E6000 rubber cement to hold something, though, or VHB tape along with a 4-40 screw. The existing screw is only like 2mm long but we can change that.
Note the offset between the carriage and the far side of the gantry where the hardpoint for dragging the chain must be. The chain also needs ~1/4" of clearance offset to avoid rubbing on the gantry. This does mean the hardpoint is on an arm that creates a torque on the mount on top of the carriage.

It is important to be as light as possible, as that particular carriage design can be an exceptionally fast mover, which gives very good rastering capabilities. 3D printing something sounds good esp since it can create the bends for redirecting the tubing down the side

The hoses also needs to route through another drag chain on the right side and wrap past the gantry motor there (that motor may be upgraded soon, but it will only be slightly different in size). So there needs to be a hardpoint on the right side of the gantry to drag the chain and route the hose down the gantry.

So there will be no new nipples. The existing section of spiral hose will be replaced (don’t do anything yet plz) and the new hose runs from the two nipples in back off to the right-rear, down the right, up drag chain, across to the midpoint of the gantry into drag chain to the carriage and down to its nipples in one unbroken dual run. Please don’t cut the hose until we have final plans, there’s only enough for one dual-hose run and it would take awhile to get more.