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Our Reopen Plan and Policies during COVID can be found here.

If you have any questions, ask away in this category!

If you are looking for information on upcoming orientation sessions, check out the join page on our website here. join the Members2B group and look in the messages inbox. Here’s the direct link to the group inbox:

I was wondering if you have started accepting new members. I am in the new members group I joined only 1 day ago, but it is empty and I can’t find any information that new members are being accepted or if it is in hold still. I have wanted to join for a long time since I live in the neighborhood and have been driving south to a shop to do woodworking. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction or perhaps an email got sent to spam. Thank you for helping. I am excited to be a member.

Hi, @Bwarez,

Not sure if you’ve found your answer yet; if not, apologies for letting your request falling through the cracks. We’re still figuring out how best to organize our Discourse forum here so that questions get quicker answers.

Anyway, my understanding is that the Members2B group inbox is still the best place to watch for announcements of new member orientation sessions. The reopen team is working now to get the next one scheduled, and that should answer many questions. Here’s the direct link to the group inbox:

I think you can also post questions/discussions directly to that inbox.

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@Bwarez, actually a quick update: I’ve realized that currently it appears that you cannot start a fresh new topic in the Members2B group inbox. Again, we’re still figuring out an easier process for all this, but in the meantime, you can see and reply to a topic thread that’s already there. It turns out that folks have been using the announcement of the July 7th orientation to discuss the next orientation, which is now scheduled for next Tuesday, July 28th.

Here’s the discussion thread link: https://yo.atxhs.org/t/july-7-atxhs-orientation-on-zoom-7pm/475
Also, I’ll manually add your username to that thread myself, so I think you’ll get an invitation notification about that. It’s just another way to hopefully get you to the most current info.

I’m going to close down this discussion thread, because we never intended this “About the FAQs…” topic to be a discussion thread. No worries, it was a perfectly reasonable place to ask your question. :slight_smile:

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