50% off coupon for Epoxy

If you use epoxy or have thought about trying it, Amazon has a great deal right now. 50% a 2 gallon kit. I buy these kits for large epoxy pours and love the stuff. Make sure to click the discount box, coupon reflects in checkout.


Thanks, I just ordered a kit. I’m going to try and waterproof some aquaponics stuff.

Hopefully the current batch is a good one. As usual the reviews on amazon are split between outstanding product and nightmarish…

FWIW, I’ve ordered no less than 20 gallons of this stuff, and had one bad kit total. Processed the Amazon replacement and all was well. Seems to be a temperature thing for the bad ones. I ordered that kit in the middle of the freeze, and I think the resin gallon got to cold during shipping.

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