3d printing - actual printed object not complete

I don’t know what happened, but on QiBi using ABS, i loaded the gcode file and it showed 31 layers and about 2 hours to complete, so i let it rip and 2 hours later it said ‘done’ and what printed was… not even half of the actual model. ?? this is the second time to print, first time i stopped it as the print object was warped off the bed. this time, no warping but also not even close to the entire object. Any ideas?

That’s generally due to a jam in the extruder. If the filament is not fresh, or has become hygroscopically full of water, or there is too much dust on the filament … a number of causes … the nozzle can become clogged.

When this happens, the filament will get a “notch” chewed out of it by the stepper and hob gear used to push it through. Follow the process you were taught to unload the filament and clear the jam. Also, make sure to use good, fresh filament that has been dehydrated and kept that way by being vacuum packed and/or stored with good fresh desiccant.

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