3D Printer Tuning Services?

I picked up a Prusa i3-style printer a while back, but had some trouble setting it up, then set it aside and never got back to it. While I’ve been meaning to fiddle with it to get it working, I think it might be good to just have someone who knows what they’re doing take a look. Besides likely putting it together not quite right, I suspect one of the main rods is a little less than straight… but it might just need tuning and bed leveling.

Anyone available for this sort of thing?

People would likely need at least a photo or model to have a rough idea. Different price points use a variety of cost-saving measures like threaded rods vs lead screws and the fairly time consuming tuning by qualified ppl is unlikely to be worth the labor cost vs higher quality machine / parts. Having said that, it might be much more doable if brought in when someone else is already planning on using the machines and has a long wait time for their parts and can do it in the downtime. The electronics lab also has some calipers in a red box that would be useful.