3D printer leaving gaps

I am using my own 3D printer at home (printerbot) and for a while now I have been attempting to calibrate it so that after a travel move it prints properly. Currently for the first few centimeters of printing after a travel move results in gaps in my prints which leaves the holes as a mess and walls missing sections. It seems like this should be related to retraction but I can’t seem to nail it down. Any advice from anyone who has encountered this before?

I just tested the flow rate and it is looking like I had 50% of the flow that my printer should have? Seems crazy low to me and I wonder how any prints would have worked with that amount of flow. Trying another print.

Ok, so it looks like the problem was directly related to flow. I can imagine that I have been able to get any prints with that amount of flow. If anyone has any good calibration tips for 3D printers I am still learning how to calibrate.

Yes the calibration of the extruder, which controls the flow of filament, is crucial to getting proper prints. Here is a guide along with an estep calculator.

Once you get it calibrated I would print something like this out to make it easier should you change motors, upgrade the extruder, or for future calibrations.