2 Sewing Machines and a Server for Sale

I have a post bed sewing machine, a Merrow MG-3U overlock and an HP Proliant server for sale. Details are as follows:

Yamata FY810 Sewing Machine with Table and Accessories

asking $900

Yamata GC/FY-810 Sewing Machine, Lockstitch, Single Needle, Post Bed, Reversible

It comes complete with sewing machine table and Electronic DC Servo Motor 1/2
H.P, 1 PHASE, 110 VOLT, 0 ~3300 RPM (Model SMS-400)

Yamata FY810 One Needle Post-bed Lockstith Machine, 0-4mm, 7.2-10mm,
3000s.p.m., Lockstitch Heavy Duty, Roller feed.Accurate and consistent
stitching, adjustable stitch length of between 1 to 8 mm (about 6-16 stitches
to the inch), a spring loaded reverse lever that allows the user to sew in
reverse, Smooth and lightly operating knee-lifter mechanism,lift of about 1/2",
and will comfortably sew just about anything up to 1/8" thick

Press Foot LiftBy Hand:1/4" (7 mm) By Knee:1/2" (10 mm) Post Height: 7"
(178mm) Application Needle:DPx5 #14 (Standard).

NOT a walking foot machine.

Machine was assembled by me. It actually required some slight modification for the correct belt tension. I’ve only use the machine a total of maybe 10 hours. It’s practically new.

Merrow MG-3U

asking $1800

I’m selling a Merrow MG-3U overlock in almost new condition. I was never able
to get the stitch just right, so you will need to figure that out. Otherwise,
this is an excellent machine and very difficult to find used because no one
ever sells them! The only reason I’m selling this one is because I’m getting
mostly out of the sewing game. Machine comes with black, red and athletic gold
threads and a couple of different cams. I have a video of the machine running
available upon request.

Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping arrangements.

HP Proliant DL38057

  • 2U form factor
  • 4x 146gb hard drives
  • 3x 8gb DDR3 memory
  • 2x 6 core 2.67GHz Intel Xeon
  • 2x 340w power supplies

Server does not come with monitor or keyboard.

Server still has the rails to mount in a cabinet/rack. It currently has Ubuntu
Server installed, but the drives will be wiped when before I send it home with