2 Nights in a row is ridiculous.....clean up your mess

I don’t mind cleaning up a bit more because perhaps someone was in a hurry. I get it. However, going into the shop 2 nights in a row and having to clean up the mess that was left is quite ridiculous. Sunday night I went in and the saw blade was at its highest point, brownish-red sawdust everywhere, clippings of the same color left on the jointer, the planer.

Then I go in last night and although somewhat better still not what you should leave it looking like.

Seems to be the same culprit. You know who you are. Just pay it forward by perhaps sweeping anywhere in the shop because that brownish-red sawdust covers the entire floor from the auto bay to the dust collectors.

Lastly, we are all adults and were aware that this is a volunteer ran community shop. We are all the volunteers. So, by all means, do your part and if nothing else clean up at least the mess you make so others don’t have to.


the white epoxy dust on the sander conveyer belt might be me from Sunday. (if you’re referring to the woodchips on it, that’s not me).

a) that’s is an oversight on my part, I used the eraser to thoroughly clean the sandpaper but didn’t think to brush the belt, I’ll remember to do that next time.

b) I’m actually not sure how to best clean dust that might be embedded in that conveyor belt? I haven’t tried anything so maybe you can just do it with a brush or shop vac? or will it need an abrasive? I’ll make a point of figuring it out next time, I guess

@jareddington Hey Justin - I noticed when I left the shop this morning that the table saw was left on and blade exposed and planer/jointer had the Sawdust all around it still. I know you’ve been working with African mahogany a lot recently - please make sure you are taking the time to clean up before rushing out. Not saying this was yours necessarily but know you asked me a few days ago about protocols on cleaning up

I’ve been cleaning the belt off by just brushing it while it’s running. Most of it just comes off.