11/2 Pearl Laser Z Axis Jammed [RESOLVED]

Hi All,

I came in this evening to use the Pearl Laser and the Z axis seems to have been lowered to its absolute floor and is now jammed. The Z axis is controls on the panel will attempt to move it, but it jams further. I would recommend not making any Z adjustments until resolved to avoid further damage. I attempted to raise it up without the honeycomb, but no luck.


Ok I’m going to be in in a bit and will figure this out

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It was in a state where the table was jogged all the way down and sitting on the homing sensor, but weirdly would only respond to the “down” key (which it can’t do) and not “up”.

I turned it off, manually turned the leadscrew (with a paper towel, it’s greased) until it was off the sensor, then turned back on. Rehomed the Z axis correctly, used the stick to set focus.


Thank you so much for the quick fix Danny!